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How to use eConduit for CardConnect errors


To be able to determine specific errors retailers are experiencing when using a PIN Pad that processes with CardConnect.


  • eConduit Portal


  1. Navigate to the eConduit Portal
  2. Enter the Serial Number of the terminal
  3. Select the Transactions icon
  4. Locate any Errors you can see in the transaction history option



There are a number of errors that can occur when programming a device, resulting in a variety of error prompts.


HTTP_ERROR:Unauthorized error

The merchants account is configured with an old Blackline access token


Solution: We need to submit a ticket in CardPointe so an agent at CardConnect can make the necessary changes to the account. We would then need to have the retailer power cycle the PinPad for the changes to take.


EMV Data not authorized error

The terminal does not have the correct authorization to process EMV transactions


Solution: The retailer needs to contact CardConnect on 877-828-0720 to have this enabled. They will then need to power cycle the PinPad for the updates to take.


Additional Information

A retailer is unable to pair the PinPad in Retail POS because of a Device Not Registered error.


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