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Setting on account limits

On account sales allow customers to purchase products or services on a credit account that they can pay off later. With Retail POS, you can easily manage your on account feature, with control over default balances for new customers, and the ability to edit existing customer balances.

Only admins and users with certain account permissions are able to allow, set, and update on account limits.

Setting a default on account limit

To provide greater efficiency, you can now set a default on account limit for new customers from the on account settings page. 

To set a default on account limit for all new customers:

  1. Navigate to SetupOn Account.Retail-X-on-account-no-limit.png
  2. By default, the Allow an on account balance field will be set to Yes, with no balance limit.
    • If you wish to disable on account sales for new customers, select No.
    • If you wish to allow on account sales with a balance limit, select Yes, but with a balance limit, then enter the balance limit in the value field.Retail-X-on-account-limit.png
  3. Click Save changes.

On account balance limits can always be edited, regardless of the default allowed on the Settings page. 

Setting or editing customer specific on account limit

You may want to set on account limits for specific customers that differ from the default balance limit set on the on account settings page. To set or edit a customer specific on account limit:

  1. Navigate to Customer > Customers.
  2. Locate the customer you wish to set a specific on account limit for and click to expand their profile.
  3. Click Edit customer.
  4. Select the Details tab.
  5. Scroll down to Settings. Under Allow on-account payments click Yes, up to a limit
  6. Enter a balance limit in the value field. 


  7. Click Save Changes.

Once an on account balance has been set, the on account limit and customer balance will appear in the sale screen under Account Balance.


If the customer has reached their on account limit or there isn't enough remaining of their limit to complete the sale, there will be an alert on the sale screen and the on account button will not be active. In this case you have three options:

  1. Ask the customer to pay their balance.
  2. Ask the customer to make a partial payment and put the remaining balance On Account.
  3. If you have user permissions to do so, you can allow or increase the customer On Account limit.


Setting on account limits using a spreadsheet

If you need to set on account balances for multiple customer accounts, you can set and update all at once using a customer import spreadsheet. 

  1. On the Customers page, click Export list.


  2. Open the .csv file and locate the "on_account_limit" tab.
  3. You can use this tab one of three ways:
    • Enter a number value to set the dollar amount for the customer's on account limit. The number you enter in this field will set an amount in relation to your store currency. For example, if your store currency is pounds, entering "1000" in the spreadsheet will set the customer's on account limit to £1000. If your store currency is USD, entering "1000" will set the limit to $1000 USD.
    • Enter a 0 to disable on account for the customer.
    • Leave the field blank to allow on account with no limit.


  4. Save the updated spreadsheet and navigate back to Retail POS.
  5. On the Customers page, click Import customers. Select the spreadsheet and upload it to Retail POS.


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