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September product updates


What's new in Lightspeed Retail (X-Series)

Lightspeed Retail POS


Improved stock control management


Find the records you’re looking for easier with dedicated tabs on the stock control page for orders, transfers, and returns. Each section has specific search filters to make finding and tracking inventory movements organized and efficient.

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Expanded search filters for the product listing page


When searching the products listing page, you can now locate a product from a specific brand, supplier, or product category using the new filters. These filters make locating products easier, even with an extensive catalog.


Added features for services


Maintain accurate records with the ability to make edits and change the scheduling of services. This, along with creating internal notes on services and recording inventory needs for out of stock parts, makes managing your services more efficient and improves internal communication throughout the service process.

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Lightspeed eCom


Restrict pick-up locations for online purchases


For Buy Online, Pickup in Store purchases, you can restrict pick-up locations based on available inventory. With this enabled, customers will only be able to choose pickup locations that have available stock. If a customer chooses a pickup location that does not have available inventory, they will be prompted to remove the unavailable items from their cart or choose a different location. By default, the location closest to your customer where inventory is available will be pre-selected. The list of other locations will be ordered based on distance from your customer's current location.

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Lightspeed Scanner


Edit a product and view sales history in Scanner


Keep your product information up to date with Scanner. Add or edit product name, images, and SKUs for all products with your mobile device. Updates made to products in Scanner are recorded in the product history on the Catalog page, so you can keep track of who has edited product details.

You can also now view the last 30 days of sales history across all outlets in Scanner, meaning you can track demand and forecast future sales, right from your mobile device.

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B2B catalog vertical expansion


The B2B Catalog has expanded across key retail verticals including fashion, sporting goods, and homewares. Search from over 1.8 million products submitted by approximately 1000 brands in B2B. Easily add products to your catalog with supplier information on image, name, UPC, and MSRP to ensure product data accuracy.

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