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Welcome to Retail POS (X-Series)

Getting started guide


Welcome to the Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) Help Center. If you use this login page to access your account, you're in the right place. If not, you might be using one of our other product series. This is the first article in the Getting Started guide. Navigate to other articles in the guide using the carousel below.

Welcome to Retail POS! This article marks the start of the Getting started guide and explains how to use the guide, the stages of preparing your account to sell, and finding your way around in Retail POS.

Understanding the setup process

From signup, to setup, to launch, we’ve outlined the basics of what you can expect during the setup process with Retail POS in the [Getting started] guide. This article marks the beginning and from here, we’ve curated each article in order of what to do next, so you can simply continue to the next article when ready.

  1. Signing up

    You’ve likely already checked this off the list by creating a Retail POS account and speaking to one of our account managers. If you have yet to sign up, get in touch to discuss the plan options that best fit your business needs.

  2. Setting up Retail POS

    Once you’ve signed up and have your Retail POS account credentials, it’s time to log in, set everything up and get familiar with how it all works. This section contains articles that guide you through accessing your account, configuring your settings, creating your product catalog, and setting up supported hardware.

    1. Logging into Retail (X-Series)
    2. Navigating in Retail POS (X-Series)
    3. Setting user roles and permissions
    4. Configuring your general settings and contact information
    5. Setting up outlets and registers
    6. Adding products and inventory
    7. Setting up a customer database
    8. Setting up Lightspeed Payments
    9. Introduction to hardware
    10. Preparing your iPad for Retail POS
  3. Learning more about Retail POS

    Learn how to use Retail POS with training mode, leverage the sell screen’s powerful sale processing capabilities, and explore other retail fundamentals.

    1. Using training mode
    2. Using the Retail POS sell screen
    3. Setting up quick keys
    4. Opening and closing a register
  4. Going live with Retail POS

    You’ve come to the end of the Getting started guide. Ensure that you’ve not missed anything during the process with a comprehensive checklist, answer any lingering questions with our FAQ, and explore the rest of the help center for more advanced feature setup and help.

    1. Launching Retail (X-Series) checklist
    2. Getting started FAQ
    3. Using the Retail POS (X-Series) Help Center

Understanding your primary devices

As you start getting setup, it’s important to understand the devices that you will be using Retail POS on and any considerations that are to be made with each. There are two types of devices that you can currently use Retail POS on:

Device Requirements Purpose
Computer Retail POS X Series on computer

Use a computer for all aspects of Retail POS shop operations:

  • Front-of-house selling as a register
  • Back-office processing for admin
  • Stock room/warehouse management
  • Anything in-between
iPad Retail POS X Series on iPad

Use an iPad like a computer while gaining improved mobility and accessibility (note: connected hardware may reduce mobility and accessibility). Use iPads for:

  • Front-of-house functions, such as registers and salesfloor assistance.
  • Stock rooms and/or warehouses where fixed-point access isn’t suitable.

Depending on your business needs, stores may use a combination of computers and iPads for different purposes. It's also common to have an entire store fitted solely with either computers or iPads. There is no set combination required to use Retail POS and you should select the in-store configuration that suits your business needs.

We’ve created both versions of Retail POS to be as close in parity as possible. From time-to-time, you may encounter small differences in functionality use/availability and navigation when using a combination of devices, including certain hardware limitations for iPad. Where these exist, we’ve highlighted the difference(s) in our help center content and provided relevant steps or alternative options where applicable.

Using the Retail POS (X-Series) Help Center

The Retail POS (X-Series) Help Center is where you are reading this article. It's the knowledge base for Retail POS and contains everything from setting up, to enhancing, learning, and troubleshooting.

Knowing how to use the help center will mean getting answers faster. See the Using the Retail POS (X-Series) Help Center article to learn how to effectively use the search bar, find content with the side navigation, and quickly reach sections from the article table of contents.


Getting in touch with Retail Support

If you can’t find the information that you’re looking for on the Retail POS (X-Series) Help Center, our Retail Support team is standing by to help. Contact us by live chat or by phone across multiple regions of the world. For exact availability and contact information, consult our Contacting Retail Support guide.

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