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Adding and deleting products linked to eCom (E-Series)

  • Available on Pro, Standard, Advanced, Enterprise
  • Available on Core, Plus

When you connect your Retail POS catalog to eCom (E-Series), all your products are synced immediately and Retail POS becomes the system of record. To enable existing products for sale in your online store, you must activate products to sell online

Afterwards, you can add new products from Retail POS as usual while also choosing whether to show new products in your online store. 

Adding new products to eCom

All new products should be created from Retail POS as Retail POS is the source of truth for all products, whether you sell them online or offline.

To create a new product that you want to sell online:

  1. Add a new product in Retail POS.
  2. Under the Product categories section, check the Sell online box. sell-online_eCom.png
  3. (optional) You can make the product available for online sale only by unchecking the Sell on point-of-sale box.
  4. Complete adding new products and click Save.

You can check where you sell products in the Channel column on the product catalog page.


Deleting products linked to eCom

You can delete products from your online store so they will no longer be visible for your online store visitors.

To permanently delete a product from eCom, you must delete it through Retail POS. Products deleted in eCom will not sync back to Retail POS and therefore will remain active on online channels. 

Alternatively, you can hide products from the online storefront, but they will still be available in your Retail POS catalog. To do this, you need to deactivate the product for the online channel in Retail POS.

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