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Understanding Retail POS (X-Series) plans

Your Retail POS plan determines the features available to your account and the price point you pay.

Current Retail POS plans

The current set of Retail POS plans is the latest offering of features and price points. The current plan offering can be found on the Lightspeed Retail pricing page.

Current plans can be updated and changed as you desire. You can upgrade or downgrade to any of the current plans while available.

Legacy Retail POS plans

Merchants who activated their plan before the current plans came into effect may be on a legacy plan. These plans remain active until advised otherwise and you will continue to enjoy the features available to them when superseded by new plans.

It is important to note that while you can remain on a legacy plan at the existing price point, any changes to your plan selection including access to new features may result in an irreversible plan change. Once you have upgraded from a legacy plan, you will no longer be able to return to a legacy plan.

Plan availability on the Help Center

The features available to you vary depending on which plan you’re currently on. To help you better understand which features are available on your plan when accessing the Retail POS Help Center, relevant articles will display a Plan availability banner at the top.

Both current plans and legacy plans (where applicable) are displayed in the Plan availability banner. Articles that do not display a Plan availability detail functionality that is available to all plans.


Identifying your plan

  1. Log in to Retail POS using the Account owner user
  2. Navigate to Setup > Billing.
  3. Review the “You’re currently on the…” banner to determine your plan.



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