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How to process transactions in Standalone mode using my Pax A60, A80 or A920 terminal


  • Retail POS for iPad
  • Retail POS on PC/Mac
  • Pax Android


1. From the home screen on the Pax terminal, select the Pax BroadPOS application (TSYS Sierra, Vantiv etc)


2. Select Sale and confirm whether it's a Credit or Debit transaction


3. Enter the amount of the transaction


4. Insert, tap or swipe the card to complete the transaction



Additional Information

This will not adjust reporting and inventory in Retail POS as the terminal is being used in Standalone mode.

You should create a new payment type called 'Manual Payments' which you can create by navigating to Setup -> Payment Types -> Add Payment Type -> Other provider. You can then follow the article below on closing the sale out using the newly created payment type. 

You will need to first, create the sale in Retail POS by adding the items to the sell screen and parking it. Then, you will need to manually close out the sale in Retail POS by following this article here.




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