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Printing barcode labels from your catalog


Printing barcode labels for your products allow you to affix customer-facing information such as pricing and product names, as well as scannable barcodes and SKU codes that can be used to process sales.

You can print barcode labels your catalog two ways:

Printing barcode labels for individual products

  1. To print a barcode label(s) for individual products, navigate to the catalog page (Catalog > Products) in Retail POS.
  2. Locate the product on the catalog page, using the filters if necessary, and click the product to expand. When expanded, click Print labels.


Printing barcode labels in bulk

To print barcode labels in bulk:

  1. Navigate to the catalog page (Catalog > Products) in Retail POS.
  2. Select the checkboxes next to the products you wish to print labels for, using the filters if necessary.


  3. Once all products that require labels have been selected, click Choose an action (X selected) at the top of the page and click Print labels from the drop-down.


Configuring your barcode labels

  1. In the label printing window that opens, enter the number of labels required for each product in the Quantity field, then click Next.



  2. When printing barcode labels in bulk, you can unselect any product(s) that you no longer wish to print barcode labels for by clicking the checkbox here and the label(s) will not be printed.


  3. From the Label type drop-down, select the label size you wish to print, such as Continuous feed for regular labels, or Rat tail for jewelry labels. This will change the formatting of the label and how it is displayed in the Preview section.


  4. Next, select what information you wish to be displayed on your labels by selecting or unselecting the Barcode, Primary Sku Code, Name, and Default Retail Price checkboxes. As you select or deselect the label information, this will be displayed in the Preview box.


  5. When you've finalized the label, click Print... to open the print preview window. Ensure that your label printer has been selected and that the formatting displayed is correct. You may need to configure the Paper size to match what is being printed. Then, click Print. p Label-Printing-Catalog-Print-Preview.png
  6. To finish, click Thanks, I'm done in Retail POS.


If you canceled the print preview to adjust the label information, make the required adjustments and click Print again. You can also click Back to adjust the label quantities and repeat the process above to print more labels.

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