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January product updates


What's new in Lightspeed Retail (X-Series)

Lightspeed Retail POS


Automated pickup email for Services

Dialogue box with option to send an email to the customer notifying them the service is complete.

Now, when a service is marked as complete, you can choose to send an automated email to the customer informing them their item is ready for pickup. This saves time by automating the “ready for pickup” email and keeps your customers informed on when their service is completed.

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Keep on top of your inbound inventory in Advanced Reporting

Inventory replenishment report with inbound inventory truck icon clicked to show all inbound inventory.

Merchants with Advanced Reporting will now see inbound inventory as a default metric within the Replenishment report. This measure is also available on other inventory reports like the Recently out of stock report. This measure shows the total amount of incoming stock, including dispatched purchase orders and sent transfers, so you can keep track of all the inventory expected at your outlets.

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Lightspeed eCom


Link local delivery to specific outlets

Local delivery page showing options to set delivery zone and offer same day delivery.

Lightspeed Retail and Lightspeed eCom omnichannel merchants can now set up same-day local delivery for customer orders, providing your customers with an efficient and timely delivery option. This feature is dependant on the products ordered being in stock at the outlet where the local delivery is sourcing from and you’ve set an appropriate local delivery zone.

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Lightspeed Payments


Process payments on your terminal with standalone mode

Terminal settings page with stand alone mode option toggled on.

Merchants using Lightspeed Payments can now use Standalone mode on their Smart Terminal (WisePOS E). This payment mode enables you to process payments on your terminal without creating a sale in Retail POS, lending you more flexibility with how and where you take payment.

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Lightspeed Scanner


B2B Catalog import improvements on Lightspeed Scanner

Three scanner app pages showing the workflow to add B2B catalog items while receiving an order.

Enjoy the same product import functionality currently available on your web browser when receiving supplier orders on Lightspeed Scanner. Quickly add variant products and other products in the variant family to your catalog. If a product doesn’t have a barcode, you can search the B2B Catalog using keywords to identify the correct product to add.

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