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Emailing Lightspeed Payments links for on account sales

Retailers using Lightspeed Payments can email a receipt for an on account purchase with a payment link included. This allows you to offer greater flexibility to your customers to pay their account balances conveniently online. 

Emailing online payment links is not available for Lightspeed Payments merchants using Tyro or those using cash discounting.

Enabling online payments

Before you can send email links for payments to your customers, you need to enable online payments.

  1. Navigate to Setup > On account.
  2. Click the checkbox to enable online payments.On account settings page with toggle on to enable online payments.
  3. Click Save changes.

Sending online payment links

You can email an online payment link to your customer during a sale or through the sales history. Online payments have a minimum amount of $0.50 and a maximum of $1M in your local currency per pay link. 

You can only request the amount sold in a single transaction through online payment links.

During a sale

  1. Navigate to the sell screen.
  2. Add items to the sale and attach the customer. Ensure the customer’s valid email address is attached to their account.Sell screen showing a customer attached to a sale.
  3. Click Pay.
  4. Click On account.Payment page with on account button highlighted.
  5. Ensure the Email a receipt with pay link to [email address] toggle is on.Payment page with the email a receipt with payment link toggle on.
  6. Click Complete sale.
  7. An electronic receipt with a secure payment link will be emailed to the customer. 

If the email address that is saved for the customer is invalid or more than one email address is populated in the field, a warning will show and the Complete sale button will be deactivated. In this case you can either edit the email address by clicking on the warning banner or toggle off sending the email payment link.


Using the sales history

  1. Navigate to Sell > Sales history.
  2. Locate the sale you wish to send a receipt with a link for, using the status filter for on account sales if needed.
  3. Click on the sale to expand the details.
  4. Click Email receipt with pay link.Customer sale expanded with email receipt with pay link highlighted.
  5. Confirm the customer email address is correct and click Email receipt.Email receipt with pay link dialogue box with field to enter a different email address if needed.

Accepting online payments

When your customer receives a receipt with a payment link, the email will include the receipt number, the amount to be paid, a serialized list of items on the sale, and the date the on account sale was made. The email also includes a downloadable .pdf invoice for their records.

To pay the invoice, your customer can click the Pay button in the email and will be taken to a secure payment portal. Once their payment is completed, they will receive an email notifying them the invoice is paid.

Payments made through online payments will open the register if it is closed, meaning payments made outside business hours will open the register.  

The user who created the sale will receive an in-app notification when a customer makes a payment through their payment link. Click the notification bell icon on the top right of the banner to view notifications. This notification will include the amount, the customer name, the receipt number, and a link to view the original sale. Retail-X-on-account-notification.png

Managing payment links

You can manage and track payment links through the Financial services page. Navigate to Finance > Payment links to view and manage the links you have sent to customers. 

Here you can view a record of all payment links that have been sent, their date paid, status, and amount. You can click on the tabs to filter by active, completed, or deactivated. Links remain active until they are paid or deactivated in the merchant portal, or if a receipt with a link is resent to a customer.Financial services page with payment links tab showing all sent payment links.

Click on the Date created to view the details of a payment link, including the amount, status, url, location name, date created, and date paid, if applicable.Payment link details page showing payment link information.

Deactivating links

There may be cases where you wish to deactivate a link that has been sent already. You can deactivate links through the financial services page.

  1. Navigate to Finance > Payment links.
  2. Find the payment link you wish to deactivate, using the Active tab to narrow your search, if needed.
  3. Click Deactivate beside the link.Payment links page with deactivate highlighted.

The link will no longer work and your customer will receive an error message if the link is clicked.

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