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Square FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Square integration with Retail POS.

How do I get set up with Square and Retail POS?

Head to this link here, to get set up with Square and Retail POS.

What are Square’s processing fees?

Square's processing fees vary based on your processing volume. For information on this head to theUS Square pricing page, UK pricing page or the AUS Square pricing page, depending on your location.

What hardware is available with Square?

Square offers a Contactless and Chip card reader, a mag stripe reader, and a Square stand (US Only). The Square Reader is the only reader that is supported. For information on Square's hardware offerings in the US, click here. For information on Square's hardware offerings in the UK click here.. For information on Square's hardware offerings in Australia, click this link.

Can I connect my own printer or scanner hardware to the Square stand?

No, the Square stand only works with approved Square hardware. For example, a USB Star printer will not run via the USB port on the Square stand. If you want to use your own hardware, you will need to buy a LAN or Bluetooth hardware device as an alternative. For options, see our hardware page.

Can I return a sale that was paid for with Square?

Yes, follow the standard Retail POS return process and the Square payment will be refunded. For more information, check out our help centre article on returning a Square sale.

Can I process Square returns for sales made while trading offline?

No, not through the standard Retail POS return process. To process a return for a sale made while trading offline, login to the Square portal and process the return there.

Which countries can use the Square and Retail POS integration right now?

The Square - Retail POS integration is currently only available to retailers in the US, CA, UK, and Australia.

Can I accept tips with Retail POS and Square?

Tips cannot be assigned to a sale in Retail POS, so Square's tipping feature cannot be used when taking a Square payment in Retail POS.

Can I integrate my Square reader with Mac or PC?

Square cannot be integrated with PC or Mac. It can only be integrated with Retail POS on iPad.

Can I connect multiple Square accounts to my Retail POS account?

Only one Square account can be connected to a Retail POS account. Individual outlets will need to access and use the one Square account.

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