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Reporting in Retail POS (X-Series)

Retail POS reporting offers a deep-dive into your sales data to generate a better understanding of your business.

There are two levels of reporting in Retail POS: basic reporting functions are available to all retailers regardless of plan type and advanced reporting functions restricted to specific plans. For more information on basic and advanced reporting, refer to our What is the difference between basic and advanced reporting? guide.

Using Retail POS reporting

These reports provide the ability to dig into your data and gain a deeper understanding of your business. Explore the report guides below for functionality, customization, and plan availability:

  • Home dashboard: displays a basic overview of data for the current day, week, and month.
  • Retail dashboard: a detailed graphical snapshot of your store's metrics.
  • Sales reports: used to drill into your store's sales data.
  • Inventory reports: an overview of your inventory position.
  • Payments reports: data on all payment types in your Retail POS store.
  • Register closures: physically check your cash and credit totals against their recorded totals.
  • Gift cards reports: a breakdown of your gift card totals for an overview of your gift card sales.
  • Store credit reports: an overview of the total store credit value issued, redeemed, and outstanding.
  • Tax reports: breakdown of each tax type set up in your store for a specified date range.

Saving custom reports

Sales, inventory, payments, and tax reports can be customized to suit your workflows and saved for use in the future. For more information on saving custom reports, refer to Saving customized reports.


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