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How do I manually post my register closure to Xero?

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There may be instances that when you close your register, it has failed to post to Xero. In these situations, you can perform a manual register closure posting to Xero.

Posting your register closure to Xero

  1. In Retail POS, open the Register closure reports page.


  2. You will need to note the following:

    • The reference number for the failed register closure (#)
    • The date and time of the register closure
    • The total sales taken (not including any On account sales), and the total for each payment type.
  3. You will need to decide how you'd like to post your register closure. The easiest way to post the closure is to use the total sales amount. However, if you want to post totals by product, or by sale, you will need to run a product sales report, or click the View full details button on the register closure summary.

  4. In Xero, choose the Sales overview option from the Business drop-down menu.


  5. Click the drop-down arrow for the +New button, and choose Invoice.xero_sales_overview_new_invoice.png
  6. Fill in the invoice fields as follows. You can use a previous register closure report as an example:

    • To: [store name] - [register name] 

    • Date: Date of your register closure

    • Due Date: Date of your register closure

    • Reference: Reference number from the register closure

  7. Fill in the invoice items either with your total sales or by product, if you prefer.


  8. Click Approve. Xero will now create the invoice.

  9. In the Receive a payment section, fill in the invoice payment details and then click Add Payment.xero_add_payment.png

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