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Adding composite products

A composite product is made up of specified quantities of one or more existing standard products or product with variants. These are ideal for creating multi-packs or product bundles.

You can also use composite products for fractional stock, which is useful if you sell products at different quantities, such as grams or milliliters (e.g. selling wine by the glass).

Adding a composite product

  1. Navigate to Catalog >Products.
  2. Click Add product



The general section includes product information required to add a product to your Retail POS store.

Product name:This will be the name that appears in your reports, inventory management, and on the sell screen.

Brand: Select a brand from the drop-down. If the brand has not yet been created in your store, use the Search all brands field to name the brand and click Add 'X' as a new brand.


Description: Add a description of your product. This could be details of the product, key selling points for your staff, or care instructions for fragile items. For retailers with an eCommerce integration, the description will be customer-facing and should describe the product.


Tags: Products can be assigned multiple tags for filtering and searching purposes. Tags can be used to define reporting on a certain group of products, and to set promotions. Tags are useful for online searching for retailers with an eCom integration.


Product category: Select a product category from the drop-down or select Add new product category to create a new product category. You can also add a level 2 and level 3 category.


Sale channels: Select the checkboxes for the sales channels you want to make the composite product available to.  


Images: To add images to your product, drag them into the Upload images window. This will automatically add the image to the product. You can also click the Browse button to search your computer for images. Include all variant images to your upload, as these can be assigned to each individual variant later.



In this section select Composite product.


Generate a SKU: Select whether you want Retail POS to Automatically generate a SKU for the product. You also have the option to Enter a custom SKU.



Use the Search for products to add field to add your desired products that will make up the composite product. These can be searched for by the product name or SKU code.


Adjust Quantity to further customize the composite product. For example, 12 bottles of milk make up one crate or 12 mini chocolate bars make up one multi-pack.

You can also create composite products that are made up of fractional stock, such as selling a "Glass of wine" as a fractional quantity of a "Wine Bottle" product.

Simply change the Quantity of the product from a rounded value to a fractional value. In the wine glass example, a wine bottle may hold five glasses, which means the quantity is adjusted from 1 to a fractional amount of 0.2 (because 5 x 0.2 = 1).

Once you've added this as a product, you can then sell it as normal and the stock count for the fractional quantity composite product will be calculated for you.


Use the drop-down to select the tax that applies to this product. For more about tax in Retail POS, refer to our Setting up tax guide.


Price and loyalty

When pricing a composite product, keep in mind that the price does not automatically total from the price of the included products. Consider the total supply price, markup, and retail prices of the included products and decide on the composite product price before saving.

Markup: The percentage of markup between the supply price and retail price. This is automatically generated when a retail price is entered, or it can be used to calculate a retail price for a specific markup percentage.

Retail price: This will be populated with the value you entered earlier.

The cost of goods sold for composite products is determined by the supply price of the component products, not the average cost of the items in the bundle. Component items sold individually do not affect the composite product cost of goods sold. 


Loyalty: If you have loyalty enabled in your store, you can select whether the product will Earn default loyalty or Earn custom loyalty.



If you integrate with Xero, specify the Sales account code and Purchase account code.


Save product

After entering the required information for the composite product, click Save.

Reviewing composite product inventory

Your composite product will be added to your catalog. The inventory level of this composite product is determined by the products that it is made up of and how many of these products are available to make up complete packs. You can see your inventory at each location by clicking the arrow beside the composite product to expand the product details.
Product details of a composite product showing inventory across locations.


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