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How to use the customers page in Retail POS (X-Series)

The Retail POS customers page allows you to create, manage customers and track your customers' activity in your store. From this screen, you can import and add customers, search for specific customers and groups, view a list of the customers in your store, and review an individual customer's profile, contact info, and store balances.

Adding new customers

In Retail POS, you can individually add a customer or import customers in bulk using a spreadsheet. Both of these actions can be accessed from the Customers' page.

For instructions on how to add a single customer or how to bulk import customers, refer to our Adding customers in Retail POS (X-Series) guide.


Searching and filtering

In the customer screen, you can choose to search for a specific customer or filter down your customer list.

To search for a specific customer, type their name, customer code, or contact details (such as email address or phone number) in the search field and click Search.

This is will display the customer with an expanded view.


Viewing and editing customer details

To view or edit details of a certain customer, including their profile, contact info, and store balance, click on the customer's line in your customer list.


This will open an expanded view where you can review the customer's info, pay off outstanding balances, view sales made to this customer, edit the customer's details and delete the customer from your database. If this customer is linked to your Xero account, you can also use this view to access their Xero customer record.


You can bring up the expanded view of a customer by searching for them.

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